Chart Lagu Korea terbaru – November 2011

50 Top Lagu Korea terbaru November 2011

1: I Miss You, Noel Lagu korea paling laris November 2011
2: The Boys, Girls Generation
3: Get It In (Korean Ver.), Yoon Mi Rae (T) (Feat. Jung-In, Tiger JK)
4: Love Is Move, Secret
5: Friends, Lee Seung Gi
6: Era Of Love, Lee Seung Gi Machsa
7: Bad, Tablo Featuring Jinsil
8: It Hurts, Baek Ji Young
9: The Western SKy, Lee Seung-Chul
10: The Western SKy, Ulala Session

11: Tokyo Girl, Busker Busker
12: Hello, Huh Gak
13: Don’t Say Goodbye, Davichi
14: Shanghai Romance, Orange Caramel
15: Finally Met You, Busker Busker
16: Like a Bird, F.T Island
17: Fox, Two Months
18: Makgeolli-Na, Busker Busker
19: Regards, Freestyle
20: The Station, Busker Busker

21: Airbag, Tablo Featuring Naul
22: Don’t Have To Say Anything, Noel
23: Who You Are To Me, Hyorin
24: Open Arms, Ulala Session
25: Mr. TAXI (Korean Vers.), Girls Generation
26: Brown City, Two Mo
27: A Song That Will Make You Laugh, Lee Seung Gi
28: My Love, Stay With Me, Kim Yun Woo
29: Falling Moon, Ulala Session
30: Sixth Sense, Brown Eyed Girls

31: Beautiful Woman, Ulala Session
32: To My Love, Lee Hae Ree (Davichi)
33: Paradise, Infinite
34: Cheerz, Simon D.
35: Thoughts, Two Months
36: Between Love & Friendship, Kim Kyung Ho
37: Love – My Love, Davichi
38: Snail, Two Months
39: Just You, Seo Young-Eun
40: Tonight, Lee Seung Gi

41: Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
42: Lonely, Christina
44: Because It’s You, Kim Won Joo (4Men)
45: I Have To Erase You, Lee So-Ra
46: Hot Place, SISTAR (Feat. Brave sound)
47: The Way I Am, Zia (Feat. Ha Dong Kyun)
48: A Man and A Woman, 4Men & Mi
49: STEP, Kara
50: Poker Face, Two Months

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